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Other Services

  • Reinstatement Value Assessments
  • Pre-Risk Assessment
  • Mediation / Arbitration
  • Disaster Management
  • Recovery - Subrogation


For insurance purposes assessment or valuation of buildings, plant and machinery is vital. Reinstatement value assessment is an appraisal of the reconstruction cost of a building in the event of damage or destruction from specified risks and perils. Our team of assessment experts have in depth knowledge of the diverse assets to be valued and the basis upon which an insurance policy will compensate an insured party if the asset is destroyed. We carry out detailed and thorough reinstatement cost assessments so that the insured can make adequate insurance arrangements.


As a claims and risk assessment specialist, Murray Fenton undertakes risk analysis which is the first step in managing and preventing risks. Our loss adjusters undertake property risk assessment and analysis of your exposure to various perils, as well as implement a post-loss recovery plan with focus on the documentation you will be asked to present in order to get your claim processed and paid.

We help clients to identify threats and implement best practice mitigation measures, our pre-risk surveys are designed for all types and size of risks. With our experience in this field we are fully aware of the requests that insurance companies will make post-loss regarding documents needed in order to process and adjust claims. We ensure these requests are anticipated and prepared for in advance to avoid unnecessary delays for our clients.


Murray Fenton specializes in mediation and arbitration work for the satisfactory resolution of substantial disputes between policy holders and insurers. Utilising our comprehensive knowledge of both the markets and insurance we have successfully assisted in resolving a number of disputes. Our team comprises of qualified skilled arbitration & mediation experts who employ their knowledge and experience with proven processes to settle complex disputes by means other than litigation. With our dedicated efforts we aim to keep communication active throughout the process between both parties to help move them through the more difficult points of contention and achieve settlement or agreement within an agreed set of parameters facilitating an amicable resolution for all.


Murray Fenton disaster management team has done effective management of major disasters in recent years with their proven ability to effectively manage a large single loss or multiple losses from significant disaster events. Our dedicated team is fully capable to manage even the largest and most complex property losses with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise demanded by our clients.

When a disaster occurs, our stringent service standards coerce us to ensure each and every claim still receives a suitable level of service. With our national presence we easily relocate our resources to meet the rising demand with assurance to meet client service expectations.


Murray Fenton offers exceptional claim recovery services and nationwide subrogation management to insurance companies, municipalities, trucking companies, and other businesses across the country. With a team of well-trained, well-coached, and well-monitored recovery professionals and we are able to provide consistency in our procedures and communications to greatly reduce non-productive collector time. We have specific expertise in carrier-to-carrier subrogation, arbitration and litigation management, as well as uninsured claimant recoveries.

Our services include:

  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Auto Liability
  • Uninsured motorist (UM)
  • Rental and Car Sharing
  • Fleet subrogation
  • Property
  • Medical and health-care

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